About LizzyB Canada

Custom Uniform Solutions

At Lizzy B Canada, we understand that every company is unique. That’s why all our products are customizable and every order is made to order! Allow us to create the perfect visual representation of your style. You choose your product, from the fabric, cut, sizing, pockets, buttons, zippers, labels, hangtags, to everything else. Let your customers know what kind of enterprise yours is through the design of your Lizzy B.

Lizzy B Canada introduces our MedTime Collection…

Lizzy B Canada is proud to present our collection of MedTime series of uniforms. Our entire collection is stylish, comfortable and made to last. Our exclusive Cool & Smooth high quality fabric was developed to withstand the rigors of high degree industrial laundering. So the fabric becomes softer with wash after wash while retaining its shape and its deep colour fastness. Lizzy B Canada MedTime series scrubs combine comfort and durability with value which make them an essential part of your uniform collection. You will get comfort, function and style at a great price and it’s no wonder Lizzy B Canada Uniforms has become one of the most popular brands in the healthcare sector.

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